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Road Trip Through California Coast with Kids

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My name is Randa Quraan and I am obsessed with everything marketing and bringing the magic sauce back to your life. I am a mom of three, serial entrepreneur and have turned a mess into a beautiful message. I am here to empower you through education, celebration and falling in love with the person that matters the most and that is YOU. No shy talk, straight raw, real and uncomfortable topics that empower you in life and in business. A safe space for you to grow, heal and be the best version of yourself.

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Did someone say vacation? Let’s talk about taking a flight across the states from Miami to California and turning it into a road trip along the Pacific coast with the kids during the pandemic, shall we?

We were craving adventure, and if I am being honest tired of being at home and hearing the kids say they were bored, so we packed our bags and went on a much-needed adventure. I don’t know about you, but Jet Blue is our favorite airline to fly from the east coast to the west coast. I have been a flyer with them for over a decade, and I have always left satisfied, and no, they are not paying me to say this.

The first step on my agenda was figuring out different Airbnb gems we wanted to stay at and what we would do in the other parts of California we visited. We arrived at LAX, and we chose to start our trip in Los Angelos, where we stayed with a friend of ours for a few nights. Once we arrived, we decided to take my friend’s kids with us, so here I am and a fifteen-year-old, thirteen-year-old, seven-year-old, and two-year-old getting ready to drive along the California coast for an adventure! We rented a car and drove head up to San Francisco, where we stayed at this cute apartment overlooking the city. It was such a great view, and although it was a bit chilly, we grilled on the patio and enjoyed the big open living room space.

Next up was one of my favorites. We wanted to stop somewhere that had a farm and off in its world, and Red Barn Cottage is down one of the last truly rural roads in Monterey County, right in Salinas, California.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind cottage built in the front half of the owner’s barn and directly on the side of their home. They are very friendly and kind and let us explore the garden, see the chickens and get to experience a piece of tranquility. Nothing beats a fresh breakfast picked right from their garden! It was such a fun experience for the kids to enjoy, and it was a slice of greatness for me.

Next up, we chose Topanga and stood at a Fairytale Dream Cottage which took my breath away. This cottage was built for the magical wonderers of the world, and we fell in love with this beautiful oasis. This is a 100-year-old cottage with whimsical vibes. The cottage is small, but the Mini pigs, and huge 5000 square foot garden and waterfall feature, flowers, hot tub, rustic bonfire, and indoor fireplace will leave you feeling like you are living in a palace. Nestled in the historic hills of Topanga and surrounded by trees and mountains. A true getaway from it all-vibe.

We visited the Big Sur, climbed some pretty high mountains, and took in every ounce of this beautiful state. We ended our trip in San Diego and then Los Angelos before we took a plane back home to Miami.

This trip was not only an escape from what was happening in our world but seeing if this could ever become home. Although it is a magnificent state overall with so many breathtaking views, activities, and more, I have to say I can never be okay with the amount of less fortunate beings that sleep not too far away from some of the most expensive places in the world. Homes are averaging at 20 million-plus but right down the road in Los Angelos are tents of families and individuals with no place to live. I am sure it’s deeper than just the way I am expressing it, but although it’s an excellent state to visit, we defiantly won’t be calling California home for the Quraan family 🙂

Make the most of all moments in your life. Most of the time there is beauty in our own backyards. A road I travel on often can look differently if I see it from a different perspective. Make moments that take your breath away and let this be the motivation you need to know that there is not one thing in this world you can not achieve. You have to be ready to take the first step and kick fear right in the face!

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