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Our Behaviors and Actions Dictate Our Entire Lives

I'm Randa!

My name is Randa Quraan and I am obsessed with everything marketing and bringing the magic sauce back to your life. I am a mom of three, serial entrepreneur and have turned a mess into a beautiful message. I am here to empower you through education, celebration and falling in love with the person that matters the most and that is YOU. No shy talk, straight raw, real and uncomfortable topics that empower you in life and in business. A safe space for you to grow, heal and be the best version of yourself.

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Our behaviors and actions dictate our entire lives. Your mind is POWERFUL. What you think of will directly influence your behavior and how you feel.

I always found myself thinking and sitting in the past or what I was expecting from my future and not spending much time in the present. I missed out on many great moments and quickly gave my power to others when I didn’t agree with their behaviors or actions. Unhealthy habits like lack of exercise, poor diet, alcohol, excessive cannabis in unhealthy wraps, and the burnout idea of I’ll sleep when I die mentality were all taking a toll on me, so I decided it was best to REBOOT. I am four and half years later with a newfound appreciation, and I want to share each bit of it with you.

Ask yourself this question. What are my challenges right now? Am I safe? A roof over my head? Food in the fridge? Bills paid at least for this month? (Many government programs currently will help if you are in financial hardship. Google: Local financial hardship resources in your community)

It can start with one thought and take you down this rabbit hole that may seem impossible to climb out of. Your thoughts are a catalyst for self-perpetuating cycles. What you think influences directly how you feel and how you behave. So if you think you’re a failure, you’ll feel like a failure. Then, you’ll act like a failure, reinforcing your belief that you must be a failure.

It’s always going to start with you. Take a look at how you speak about yourself. I’ve heard it all from, I am a failure, and I will never succeed, Fuck my life. It never fails. I am not good enough to excel in my career. I am a terrible mother and more. If I am honest, I would dictate myself as a mother based on how my kids felt about me. I know, I know not the way to go.

Once you conclude, you’re likely to do two things; look for evidence that reinforces your belief and discount anything that contradicts your belief.

Sit with yourself and look at the labels you have placed on your life. Write them down, put them in a bowl, and light them up.

Now repeat after me:

  • I inhale love and exhale any fears
  • I will no longer worry about things that are not in my control
  • I release any fear around what can go wrong
  • I flow and focus on what is right now in this moment
  • I will calmy approach challenges with an effective solution
  • I can and will handle whatever comes my way with ease and no force.

Turning a new page and REBOOTing your life is never too late. I have a 15-day REBOOT program that will help helo, and if you can make it to 30 days, YOU ARE THE REAL MVP!

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Hi, I'm Randa.
Your New BFF + Cheerleader and Coach.

People often ask me what I do, and I like to simplify it and say I build brands, people, and communities with authenticity at its core. 

Whether I am working on educating, coaching, influencing, storytelling, social media campaigns,  or building the next women's conference, dinner, or event, I bring the magic sauce back to others and help create dynamic brands along the way all while keeping it raw and real along the way. 

I am fueled by purpose, and giving back is a big part of who I am and what I stand for. Whether it's taking a stand for humanity or a social justice cause, I will always be a voice for what's right.

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I'm Randa

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