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Let me coach you on how to fall so deep in love with the person you are. Are you ready to take control of your life and going after everything your heart desires?

Let me guide you on how

I turned a mess into a beautiful message.

I can promise you that if you stay committed and do the work, you will see an indescribable transformation in your life.

If you made it this far, I know you are ready for something new in your life, and I am here to help you along the way. There is only one thing you need to do on your end.

You should stay committed to this and do everything to the best of your ability. The things we fear the most are usually the things that will make us better. It is not personal development if you are not uncomfortable.


For over three decades of my life. I walked around with such a foggy state of mind, severely depressed, anxious, and suicidal.

Today I am a successful serial entrepreneur, another to three incredible daughters, and a beacon of hope for so many. 

In this module, I will give you the tools to identify how to gain self-acceptance, accept yourself for who you are, and determine what has been holding you back in life. 

By the end, you will understand where you have been falling short and what steps you should take to turn things around. 

module 01

Acceptance and Forgiveness 

Forgiving yourself can be one of the most challenging steps you take on your journey to self lasting love –

it can also be one of the most worthwhile endeavors. This self-discovery journey and growth journey will lead you to a more fulfilling life, happy and healthy relationships, and a love that will stand the test of time.

In this module, you will identify what is right about yourself and learn how to allow it to overcome what you believe is wrong about yourself. You will learn how to drop the high expectations holding you back and learn how to give yourself the inner acknowledgments you deserve + grasp the concept of mindfulness. 

module 02

Respect and Trust

Building healthy self-respect and trust with ourselves can make your life more valuable in many different ways.

Often, we confront ourselves with negative energy and discouraging thoughts about ourselves, whereas we would never use negative words on other people.

In this module, you will identify the signs of lacking self-respect and reflect on how to change this. You will learn how self-respect is crucial to happiness and identify ways to learn self-trust and specific tips that boost your respect and self-trust. 

module 03


You and I are wired to seek permission. When we were kids, we needed permission from parents, teachers, and other elders.

When we grow up, we seek approval from our bosses and authorities. Our mind is conditioned to ask for permission. But to unlock your full potential, you must learn to permit yourself and become the owner of your life.

In this module, you will learn to embrace who you indeed are. You will understand the source of making life- changes come from within ourselves and how to eliminate the need for approval from others + how to eliminate ideas that revolve around how things are supposed to look for you to be successful. 

module 04

Receive and Self-Commitment 

One might think that if you are great at caring for others, it follows that you take good care of yourself too.

Sadly, this is not always the case. You have to take care of yourself to receive from yourself. It’s like taking from your right hand to give it to your left. It is crucial to devote your life to something essential and something that matters.

In this module, you will learn to identify and understand your expectations. Identify why it’s so challenging to receive and how to allow yourself to receive + learn how to dig deep and conduct self-commitment every day. 

module 05

15 Day Juice Reboot Plan

Free with your purchase of the Self Love Lab. 

I am giving you a fifteen day plan of action to help you reboot your mind and body from recipes, a shopping list, and all you need to  for a fresh start. Let me help you build that energy you need to thrive. 

So are you ready to say YES to the only person that matters the most? When you show up for yourself and stay committed to being the best version of yourself. Magical things happen. 

bonus module:


Because I always go for the dessert after dinner— here’s some extras!

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