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Our World Is Abundant

Our world is abundant
I'm Randa!

My name is Randa Quraan and I am obsessed with everything marketing and bringing the magic sauce back to your life. I am a mom of three, serial entrepreneur and have turned a mess into a beautiful message. I am here to empower you through education, celebration and falling in love with the person that matters the most and that is YOU. No shy talk, straight raw, real and uncomfortable topics that empower you in life and in business. A safe space for you to grow, heal and be the best version of yourself.

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A scarcity mindset is the belief that there will never be enough, resulting in feelings of fear, stress and anxiety. On the other hand, an abundance mindset flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. This mindset is grounded in the belief that there is more than enough for everyone.

I believe we have all been on the scarcity side at some point in our lives, all that is needed to switch to the other side is mindfulness & conscious awareness of our thoughts and then we can start working on making this shift. Slowly but surely, we can remind ourselves that there is ABUNDANCE around us, but more importantly WITHIN us.

Here are some common thinking patterns of these two types of mindsets:

🔺 S C A R C I T Y M I N D S E T 🔺

🔺”There will never be enough”

🔺”I am unlovable”

🔺”If I share, I won’t have enough for myself”

🔺”The future is dark and scary”

🔺”I am scared to fail”

🔺”Everyone else is already doing it, so what’s the point?”

🔹A B U N D A N C E M I N D S E T🔹

🔹”There is always more where that came from”

🔹”I am lovable, worthy and have much love to give”

🔹”There is more than enough for everyone. What’s meant for me will reach me”

🔹”The future is bright and exciting”

🔹”Failure is the best way to learn, I’m willing to take risks”

🔹”Others’ success is not my loss. I celebrate others’ wins”

When you devote time and energy to noticing, new doors open. Serendipity accelerates. You feel like the universe is conspiring to support you. But really, you’re just not limiting yourself.

Doing something that moves you toward your goals every day gives you built-in resilience. That way, when there is a fire, and someone runs into the room shouting that everyone needs to stop what they’re doing to solve THIS problem NOW, you won’t lose sight of and momentum toward your ultimate mission. You’re building the underlying structure that keeps your team nimble and on track.

Every leader wants to think of themselves as being strong, open, and inspiring — not the kind of person who plays into zero-sum criticism, command and control management, or thinks they’re the smartest voice in the room. But the only way to ensure you’re not this type of leader is to consciously practice these habits and attributes every day.

In every moment and interaction, you have the freedom to choose what you want to be like. A really good leader is the one who knows that — that no situation or reality is forcing them to act a certain way. This gives them that freedom.

When you make a point of thinking abundantly — noticing more, integrating more, and sharing more of what you know — everyone around you will know what direction you’re heading. They’ll follow your model and include more information and opinions in their decision-making. They won’t rush to judgment, or panic about having the wrong answer.

These are the moments that should remind you why you got into this in the first place. Every big launch or event or crisis or fire — this is your jam. There’s absolutely no mojo in saying, ‘we just need to get through this.’ Remember why this work makes you feel alive and go from there.

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Hi, I'm Randa.
Your New BFF + Cheerleader and Coach.

People often ask me what I do, and I like to simplify it and say I build brands, people, and communities with authenticity at its core. 

Whether I am working on educating, coaching, influencing, storytelling, social media campaigns,  or building the next women's conference, dinner, or event, I bring the magic sauce back to others and help create dynamic brands along the way all while keeping it raw and real along the way. 

I am fueled by purpose, and giving back is a big part of who I am and what I stand for. Whether it's taking a stand for humanity or a social justice cause, I will always be a voice for what's right.

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I'm Randa

Educator, Marketing Expert, Story Teller, Self-love Advocate with a heart for empowering others. I love being a mommy and changing the world one mission at a time.

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