I See YOU Mirror iPhone Case for iPhone


I See YOU Mirror iPhone Case for iPhone

I See YOU Mirror iPhone Case for iPhone 13 and iPhone 14!

A mirror isn't just for checking your appearance. You can use it for self-reflection and positive affirmations. Stare into your own eyes, verbalize and speak out loud who you would like to be, or what you want to have or do. While looking in the mirror, you give yourself a pep talk and shift your mindset with authority.

By using the mirror...you are creating a picture of yourself, your words, the sound of your voice, and your sight of the audience, to which the immediate future is to bring reality,.

By looking into the mirror, you increase the mental vibrations by which the force and meaning of your words will quickly penetrate to your audience's subconscious minds.
You are your own audience--don't forget to remind yourself of your own strength, confidence, and abilities.

Here are some example affirmations you can speak into the mirror and into existence:

I am beautiful, all of me. I am enough.
I believe in my abilities and myself.
I can face this day and its challenges with strength.
I let go of my fears, anxieties, and negative thoughts.
I am filled with hope.
I trust my gut and follow my heart and intuition.
I take ownership of my successes and my failures.
I show compassion to others and myself.